An A to Z Overview of the Global Skin Care Ingredients Market

With global sales forecast of over USD 130 billion in 2019, skin care continues to be beauty’s largest product class driving the entire beauty industry. The class is infused with innovation from novel ingredients to new technologies. Skin care is also the leading ingredient-consuming application globally, accounting for 41% of the overall global volume of ingredients. This presentation will provide an overview of the global skin care ingredients market and focus on the type of ingredients and formulation technologies currently driving growth. Additionally, we will examine the skin care market trends from the end side of the business.

Nikola Matic & Simon Pitman

Nikola Matic

Industry Manager, Chemicals & Materials

Kline Group

Based in Prague, Nikola Matic is industry manager for the Chemicals & Materials practice of Kline Group. With extensive international market research experience, he has worked across a range of chemical and energy projects, and is presently managing flagship industry programs including Personal Care Ingredients, Specialty Actives in Cosmetics and Toiletries, Synthetic Latex Polymers, Specialty Biocides and Specialty Excipients. Prior to joining Kline, Nikola worked in the environmental services consultancy for a leading French corporation in which he was responsible for the business development in Central and Eastern Europe. Nikola holds an engineering degree in process engineering from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC).

Simon Pitman

Senior Editor

Simon Pitman has worked as a B2B journalist for over 15 years and has been editor of the CosmeticDesign websites for the past six years. During that time and USA have been developed into the leading online resource for the latest news in the cosmetics ingredients category. Simon has reported on all the key skin care ingredient trends, documenting areas such as anti-aging, natural and organic, actives and whitening.