Getting stability and compatibility right with natural-based ingredients

The cosmetics and personal care industry has seen a sea change in the last decade, with growing demand for natural or nature-based products being driven by both consumers and manufacturers looking for greener alternatives. Although modern techniques have helped to identify and isolate the active phytochemicals from the botanicals for applications in skin care products, the incorporation of these botanicals into formulations can often pose a unique set of challenges. These challenges come in the form of solubility, stability and compatibility issues and during this roundtable discussion we will look into effective ingredients technologies designed to help formulators overcome such problems.

Anurag Pande PhD, Judi Beerling & Simon Pitman

Anurang Pande, PhD

Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Sabinsa Corporation

Dr. Pande has been with Sabinsa’s sister company, Sami Labs, since 2004 in a research capacity, and spent several years at Sabinsa Japan’s Tokyo office as Senior Technical Manager. Today, Dr. Pande works from Sabinsa’s Corporate HQ based in East Windsor, NJ, USA.
Dr. Pande holds a Ph.D. in Phytochemistry from RML Awadh University. He has both a Masters Degree in Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Lucknow University. He is the author of several trade and peer reviewed publications.
By applying his chemistry knowledge to the ingredients Sabinsa promotes, he brings a refreshing viewpoint of understanding how these ingredients work. In his current capacity, Dr. Pande helps with technical marketing, delivers talks on various health benefits, provides worldwide regulatory support of Sabinsa’s portfolio of ingredients, as well as closely working with customers to help them develop new products and formulations in a time bound manner.

Judi Beerling

Technical Research Manager

Organic Monitor

Judi Beerling heads the Technical Research division at Organic Monitor, a specialist research, consulting & training firm that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. Judi has over 30 years experience in product formulation and innovations. She provides technical consulting and training on technical & formulation issues associated with natural and organic products to an international clientele.

Simon Pitman

Senior Editor

Simon Pitman has worked as a B2B journalist for over 15 years and has been editor of the CosmeticDesign websites for the past six years. During that time and USA have been developed into the leading online resource for the latest news in the cosmetics ingredients category. Simon has reported on all the key skin care ingredient trends, documenting areas such as anti-aging, natural and organic, actives and whitening.