Optimised infant nutrition, marketing & the law: Sector debate

Infant foods and drinks are strictly regulated – in formulation and marketing.
No one disputes ‘breast is best’ for the youngest infants but breast feeding is declining so how are infants best fed?
Are big food companies doing a good job of playing nutritional care givers?
We debate the issues.

Evan DeMarco & Shane Starling

Evan DeMarco
Global Director of Brand Management
KD Pharma

Evan DeMarco is a long time veteran of the sports and lifestyle nutrition business, having developed many of the top products used in sports nutrition, infant and prenatal nutrition over the last 10 years. His work with ACOG has led to the formulation of some of the most sought after products in the prenatal space and infant nutrition space.

Recognizing the demand for superior nutrition products in the marketplace, Evan divides his time between research in the lab and global education about the benefits of proper nutrition supplementation.

Evan has also worked with many of the world’s top professional athletes developing products and nutrition programs geared towards the demands of the modern professional athlete.

In his current role at KD Pharma, Evan develops products that address the growing demand for Omega supplementation on a global basis. Using his background in product development and marketing, he is able to work with clients to develop products and comprehensive marketing strategies that allow seamless and successful penetration into the market.

Shane Starling
Senior Editor
NutraIngredients, FoodNavigator & FoodNavigator-Asia

Shane Starling is the senior editor of NutraIngredients, FoodNavigator and FoodNavigator-Asia. He has been writing about the global food industry since 2001 on matters such as health claims, food marketing, food science, ingredient innovation and market trends. He has a degree in History and Literature from Curtin University in Perth, Australia and works from William Reed Business Media’s Montpellier office.