Sensorial and Texture webinar

We know that if a product doesn’t feel or smell good on the skin chances are consumers will stop using it, because the overall experience is not a positive one. When creating product formulations, researchers and scientists must produce something that not only works but provides a positive experience for the consumer. Joel Rubin, one of the pioneers in cosmeceuticals, will share his 48 years of experience discussing the importance of textures and sensorial attributes and how important they are in skincare products. He will share insights on how he incorporated a luxurious sensorial experience with high performance ingredients to create the relaunch of the DCL face, body and hair collection.

Deanna Utroske & Joel Rubin

Deanna Utroske


Deanna Utroske is the co-creator and co-host of Cosmetic Design’s video news initiative, CD Buzz. She covers the business of beauty and personal care for Cosmetics Design US, writing daily news articles about brand innovations, consumer behavior, lifestyle trends, emerging science, digital technologies, financial dealings, and much more.

Joel Rubin

Senior Vice President of R&D


Joel Rubin pioneered the development of cosmeceuticals, creating the first commercial product incorporating glycolic acid in 1980, leading to the establishment of Dermo Cosmetics and Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL). While completing his Bachelor of Science degree at City College Of New York, Rubin worked in cancer research at Sloan Kettering Institute, focusing on cigarette smoking’s impact on lung cancer. He then parlayed his knowledge of the skin into the creation of facial creams for famed beauty brand Helena Rubinstein.
A top scientist and Senior Vice President of DCL’s Research and Development, Rubin’s expertise in active ingredients gave way to the four pillars of cosmeceutical development: peptides, retinoids, AHAs and Vitamin C, with an emphasis on efficacious formulas yielding luxurious textures. Rubin is a proponent of a total skin philosophy, i.e., treating the skin as a whole and his best-in-class products treat sun damage, protect from the elements, retexturize and impart anti-aging benefits. From DCL’s FDA/OTC-registered flagship innovation and development facility in East Haven, Connecticut, Rubin collaborates with leading researchers, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to develop customizable, global skin-care solutions.